Braided Cable Throw in NaturalBraided Cable Throw in Natural
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Camello Pure Ultrafine Camel Hair Throw

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Ultra Soft Boucle Throw in Natural

Special Order- Tenderness Ultrafine Camel Hair Throw

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Chunky Jersey Stitch Throw in Natural Blonde

Special Order- Kamela Pure Ultrafine Camel Hair Throw

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A Bed of Cashmere

Indulge in luxury with our customizable cashmere bed spreads and exquisite throws crafted for the living room or bedroom.

The Kashmir Valley, a region of the Indian subcontinent tucked between the Pir Panjal Range and the Great Himalayas, is where cashmere was first used dating back to the 14th century AD. Jump forward to the 21st century and you can be reassured that cashmere is still a product used today for things like baby clothes, sweaters, socks, throws, blankets, cardigans, and many more for many years to come.

Cashmere Blankets & Throws

Any cashmere throws, blankets, or garments will be soft and snug. Cashmere is known to be super soft and premium material all thanks to the way cashmere is made, the hair fibers are carefully extracted from the cashmere goats woven into what we see today. The distinctive feel of cashmere is due to the fact that it is hair and not wool. It is also considered one of the rarest natural fibers in the whole world and some people call cashmere the “diamond fiber” or the “soft gold”! You'll find that introducing yourself into the world of cashmere throws and blankets will surely pay dividends. When properly cared for, these home accessories can last for years! If you have never experienced a cashmere garment before, now is the perfect time to check out our throws and blankets collection to find the perfect gift for your home.

Great All Year Round

Cashmere is made from goats from the mountainous region of Kashmir. Their fur is adaptable to all environment types including harsh winter conditions. Cashmere throws are moisture wicking so you can wear it all day at home, and it will not absorb any bad smells or sweat; it can go many days without washing! Compared to typical sheep's wool, cashmere can be up to 7-8 times warmer. Additionally, it is quite breathable, making it perfect for both cold and hot climates. When compared to sweaters or cardigans, throws and blankets do a much better job at keeping you comfortable at home, especially when sitting on the couch or at your computer. Wrap yourself in luxury and warmth year-round with our finely woven 100% cashmere throw.

High Quality Sofia Cashmere

We only select the finest strands of cashmere wool to create our throws, blankets, and home accessories. Our cashmere products are then artisan crafted from superfine pure cashmere yarn, softly brushed for a velvety smooth touch, exceptional softness & warmth. Our quality cashmere does not shrink when washed correctly and will retain its shape better than traditional wool. We guarantee our cashmere throw can be worn for decades, and when taken care of properly, will last for generations. Cashmere also does not wrinkle - you can pull it out of a luggage and wear it right away with no worries. The only problem with cashmere is that its luxury and softness is addictive. Once you try it, it will be difficult to go back to any other type of fiber.

Style Your Home With A Cashmere Throw

Cashmere comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs so it’s easy to choose throws and blankets that suit your style and accessories. Instantly beautify any room in your home with one of our pure, premium, cashmere throws! Add it as living room accessories by draping it over the arm of a sofa or sprawled across the foot of the bed. You can add throws to your home office for both function and form keeping you comfortable throughout the day. There’s no one correct way to place throws or blankets in your home, but a fun way to take advantage of your collection is to re-fresh your accessories with the changing seasons. No matter where you place it, you can expect to bring warmth and color to accent your home.


When you invest in premium cashmere throws, and blankets for your home, you’re not only getting the softest product in the market, but you are also getting a timeless and luxurious accent to your space. Our elegant and luxury throws are one of the most desirable and perfect gifts for any occasion whether you buy for someone else or add it to your accessories, these classic beauties will never be out of style. A cashmere throw is perfect for any weather or season! If you’re ready to pamper yourself in a new level of comfort, scroll on to shop the best cashmere blankets on our website.

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