Sofia Cashmere traces its origins back to a family business with a rich history of 80 years in the cashmere industry.

Each piece, meticulously handcrafted for Sofia Cashmere, is born in the heart of the grasslands of Mongolia and China, where the cashmere goat thrives in abundance. By acquiring the finest cashmere (in extended fiber lengths), our team can offer customers the highest quality with the gentlest touch. Additionally, the rigorous standards we uphold result in durability and ensure shape retention over the years.

Our collections, which include cashmere coats, capes, sweaters, wraps, accessories, home essentials, travel sets, and baby items, are coveted for their timeless and classic design and procured by the most selective specialty retailers around the globe. While you'll find our distinctive styles at well-known, upscale retailers, you will only find our fur-adorned garments here on

We hope you enjoy the exquisite touch of Sofia Cashmere!